Thursday, 4 October 2007

Gladiator(2000) Movie Review

Many people try to understand what was the reason Gladiator (click here to watch the trailer) became such a successful and effective epic compared to his wannabe look a like epic followers such as "Troy", "Alexander" and "King Arthur" (click to watch the trailers for Troy, Alexander, King Arthur). The reason from the view point of Yoga is very obvious. Gladiator had a collaboration of 2 people born in a fire astrological sign. The director-Ridley Scott, a Sagittarius and the main actor-Russel Crowe, an Aries .And also composer Hans Zimmer which is known for his fiery scores.

Starting from it's opening scene and until it's end "Gladiator" is a movie that deals with Manipura chakra. "Strength and honor" is the main idea behind the character of Maximus which is played by Oscar winning Russel Crowe. Maximus is a rare example in movies of today of a character which has a solar activation (that is a masculine emissive activation) of Manipura Chakra, He is a fearless brave and honorable leader which also think in a very Manipuristic way. Director Ridley Scott shows in his movie the transformation Maximus has to make after being tricked by Comodos and going through a personal tragedy in which he looses his wife and family, From being a general loved and honored by his soldiers he now has to face a new reality as he becomes a slave and later on a he becomes a Gladiator which might be killed in any fight, yet Maximus makes the transformation very fast and learns that not all is lost and he might still have a chance to get his revenge against Comodos and bring back freedom to Rome from it's vicious new emperor.

Ridley Scott in one of his best movies shows a world which is lost today of men that had to use their bravery and courage in order to survive, at that time men didn't watch "Friends" on television and cried every time their girlfriend said something offensive :-) These men were totally on Manipura Chakra, and the perfect example in this movie is Maximus, a leader, a warrior and a General that knows how make those around him work as a group and understand his orders in a way which makes them lunar (receptive) on Manipura chakra.

The soundtrack of this movie is one of the best I've listened to in my life. Hans Zimmer which is famous for his heroic scores (Check out "The Peacemaker" soundtrack which even outshines 'Gladiator") composed two wonderful Manipuristic themes which could be meditated upon for focusing on Manipura Chakra. "The Battle" and "The Barbarian Horde".

In the years to follow Directors such as Oliver Stone and Wolfgang Peterson tried to mimic the effect and success of "Gladiator" with movies such as "Alexander" and "Troy" but they failed simply because they didn't understand the Manipura spirit which made "Gladiator" work. Actors Brad Pitt and Colin Farrel were simply poor in their Manipura and the writers of these movies didn't quite understand how to make the formula of "Gladiator" come to life again.

To conclude,"Gladiator" is a very powerful and inspiring movie that works on the solar (emissive) aspect of Manipura Chakra. Those of you who feel they are lacking courage, strength and will power, should study the character of Maximus and even try to imagine themselves as the character Maximus, walk like him, talk like him and behave like him to become stronger and less feminine (which unfortunately is a problem today among men).

Final verdict: 4 stars out of 5

Written by Udi

Yoga movie review will bring you more reviews on movies in the eyes of Tantra Yoga in the next post.

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not a bad movie it was worthwhile watching